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What's in My Bag - Besma - Curiously Conscious

It’s been a while since I’ve emptied the contents of my bag and divulged what I carry about on a daily basis, but a lot has changed! I gave the lovely people at TOTM a sneak peek, and thought I’d dive a little deeper on here as to why these are the things I carry around with me, day-in, day-out.

The Basics

Keys, phone, teeny tiny card holder. Since switching to my Matt & Nat Saddle Bag, I’ve had to shrink down what I carry around, meaning no more ungainly key rings, purses, or pocket change. Contactless may be lighter but it really does make it worryingly easy to spend money…


Touch-ups only! My handbag essentials are my RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up in Colour 11* and my trusty pocket mirror, as well as the lipstick I’m wearing that day. I’ll usually wear foundation or BB cream if I’m going out the house, and find that my little pot of RMS is great as concealer and for touch-ups.


My newest addition in my handbag is the scents from the Earth Mother Soul Sister* collection. Despite the hippy-ish name, these glass phials contain strong, pure scents that I love to top up during the day. My favourites so far are the bright Orange & Patchouli, and the feminine Ylang Ylang & Jasmine.


I also like to carry around a packet of Peppersmith mints, both to keep my breath fresh and sometimes ease nervousness. I’m involved in meeting clients in my current job, and find they’re handy to offer around before a meeting or pitch, giving a different sensory focus to a racing heartbeat, and often starting small talk.


Finally, there’s my hand sanitiser. Since moving to the city, I’ve noticed my hands get grubby more quickly than usual and sometimes there’s no chance to stop and wash. Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitiser* is a natural alternative that combines alcohol with naturally antibacterial lavender and tea tree oils, and is small enough to pop into any handbag.


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