Sunday Reads II

Coffee - Line Drawing

Hello Sunday, Easter Sunday. What a tiring week it’s been… I feel like I need four days for recovery alone! How was your week?

However you’re spending your Easter weekend, I hope you get some time to yourself for headspace and reading. Here are the articles I enjoyed this week.

What does ‘green fashion’ really mean?

Eco fashion, ethical fashion, locally sourced, upcycling… There are a lot of buzzwords flying about in the green fashion world. This article by People Magazine gives a good overview of each definition.

The truth about turmeric

Anyone else been spotting this bright orange rhizome popping up everywhere? Rosie Spinks for The Pool uncovers the hazy truth behind the root, and also finds balance between truth and Instagram.

Earth Day in the age of Trump

This piece in The New Yorker struck a real chord with me. With Earth Day taking place next Saturday, it’ll be interesting to see how America will celebrate under the Trump administration. Their denial might be reversing environmental protection, so it’s important we continue positive action collectively.

The green business guide to Brexit

Continuing with the theme of mammoth destructive forces to come out of 2016, Brexit is now starting to come into play (can I just express how much I hate the portmanteau Brexit, let alone what it stands for?!) This guide by Green Biz outlines how the green economy will be affected.

Spring capsule wardrobe inspiration

Who doesn’t love a capsule wardrobe? I’ve spent so long “aiming” to curate one, and failing miserably… This collection by The Good Trade made me audibly let out a happy little sigh. So perfect. So minimal.



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