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I really enjoy a slow Sunday morning. Kettle on, maybe a crumpet or croissant, and a good article to read. How about you?

I thought Sunday may also be a good time to reflect on my favourite reads of the week, and share them with you to supplement your Sunday reading lists. Here are my favourite articles this week:


Is Ethical Clothing Expensive?

Wendy Graham of the Moral Fibres blog wrote a great piece on the price of clothing – and conversely, the price of ethical clothing. Is it really too expensive? Read it here.

Detox Your Schedule

Spring cleaning can help the mind, but what about spring cleaning the clutter of your mind too? I enjoyed Simply Liv & Co.’s seven tips in this post.

Top Wellness Trends of 2017

Place your bets! Well and Good have summarised 15 possible wellness trends this year, including athleisure wear, cannabis, plant protein and more. Read them here.

12 Sustainable Lingerie Brands

I’ve briefly spoken about bamboo underwear in the past, but as one of my essentials, it’s nice to see more ethical brands springing up. Eluxe Magazine’s guide introduced me to some really beautiful lingerie makers.

Simon Amstell’s Carnage

This final one is actually one to watch than one to read. Simon Amstell (who I used to really, really dislike) put together one hour of dry comedy about veganism and the ways we’re sold meat. Funny and thought-provoking, it’s a lot easier to swallow than Cowspiracy. Watch it here.


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