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Natural Beauty Products for Sun Protection

With the British summer upon us (and to be fair to the weather man, it’s been a good one so far), I thought it about time to reveal the natural skincare and beauty products that are protecting my skin from the sun’s rays.

Despite only liking a natural tan (and by that I mean from being out and about, rather than laying out on the beach or on the beds) I’m all about the SPF. And of course the UVA protection too… as I found out SPF only relates to UVB in my summer skincare guide from last year. Here are what I’m wearing, day-in, day-out on my skin to keep it protected.

SPF Moisturiser

For all over protection, I’ve been swapping between two good moisturisers. An all-over option is Antipodes Immortal Face & Body Moisturiser SPF15, which comes in a pretty little metal tube and makes me feel like an artist every time I use it. For sunnier days, I’ve been using Balance Me Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25 which applies a little like suncream, but soon sinks in.

SPF BB Cream

The real standout from Balance Me is their Natural Perfection BB Cream SPF25, which gives me a sun-tan glow as well as protection. I love this stuff! It keeps my skin slightly dewy all day, and I feel confident going out in the sun.

SPF Lip Balm

New in my beauty box is Albus & Flora Lip Balm in Mountain Rose. I couldn’t deny the cute pink tube and soft touch feel, plus their natural formula gives both SPF30 UVB and UVA protection. And seeing as lips have thinner skin, protection is crucial!

Good ol’ suncream

Finally, we have the traditional sun cream. The last two years I’ve sworn by Green People’s Sun Lotions and this year will be no different. I’d personally recommend their SPF 15 with Tan Accelerator, as well as their SPF 30 Lotion too.


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