Tips on a Soup Cleanse

Press Nourish Cleanse

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of a juice cleanse, but what about a soup cleanse? Other than the age-old cabbage soup diet that sounds just ghastly, I hadn’t until Press rolled out their new range.

About two years ago, I was really into my cleanses. Having started with a one-day cleanse, I pushed the boat out and bought a juicer, a bunch of organic produce, and drank my way through three days. In fact, you can read about my 3-day juice cleanse and even try it for yourself. The experience was a really positive one, despite being quite a foodie – I learnt the difference between mental cravings and physical hunger, made a bunch of tasty juices that I still drink to this day, and felt incredibly refreshed inside and out.

Well, I decided to give Press’ new Nourish Cleanse* a try this time round. The setting was slightly different, taking up my Saturday a few weekends ago, and there was no real reason to be cleansing other than as a way to feel refreshed. For some reason, I treat cleanses like I do haircuts; they’re perfect at the time of a big life change.

So, the cleanse itself… was good. The soups were tasty. The “leche” was delicious. But the juices were so gingery, oh my gosh it was a hold-your-nose-and-glug scenario. I think through the day, I looked forward to the soups and cashew milk the most, them having a smooth and creamy taste, but even when I do make juices I’m so careful with the amount of ginger that the Greenhouse 3 and Garden 2 juices blew my socks off.

Either way, I enjoyed the cleanse, and would recommend soups for anyone adverse to only consuming juices. I felt lighter, enjoyed lounging around the flat (a real rarity!) and am now looking for soup recipes with cashew nut bases. The only thing I would like to see is a cleanse that comes in glass bottles – less plastic waste.

If you’d like to give a cleanse a go, I’d also recommend following my key tips…

1. Prepare well

So, my first tip for cleansing, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, is to prepare a few days in advance. I’ve written this up previously in my guide How to Prepare for a Juice Cleanse, but the essential takeaway is to eat a diet of raw, plant-based foods between 24 to 48 hours before starting your cleanse. This will get your body used to the nutrients you’re going to receive and the lack of meat/dairy/eggs without taking away the fibre.

2. Stick to the plan

Then, onto the cleanse itself. Set yourself a guide for the day. Press provides an example day plan in the pamphlet that comes with the cleanse. My recommendation is, at the very least, to follow the order in which the cleanse has been designed. On the Nourish cleanse, the soups align with meal times, juices for blood sugar pick-me-ups, so you’ll minimise your hunger and can hopefully run your day like normal!

3. Have a back-up plan

Whether you’ve gone on a cleanse before or not, I always recommend having a back up snack to hand for those moments of weakness. There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped with only a fridge of veggie juices… If you find yourself needing a little something extra, try a handful of unsalted cashew nuts. And remember, you can drink as much extra water and herbal tea as you want!

And if you’d like to give the Nourish Cleanse a go, or try one of Press’ other cleanses, you can get one day free on a three-day cleanse with the code CURIOUSLYCONSCIOUS. Happy cleansing!


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