The Free From Food Awards

The Free From Food Awards 2017

Tuesday night was awards night! The Free From Food Awards, of which I was a judge for the superfoods category, took place earlier this week and there were some really great winners.

Sadly I was unable to go along to the award ceremony itself, but I did get chance to try out new and innovative superfoods. It actually led us judges to question what a superfood was, and whether we’ve come to saturation point of it being used as a marketing buzzword rather than representing a product of exceeding nutritional value in one or more areas.

Here is the run-down of the superfood award winners:


James White Drinks Turmeric Juice Zinger
A personal favourite of mine – the turmeric is zingy and full of vitamins, and low amount of sugar.

Muscle Candy’s Chocolate Whey Protein
Having used whey protein in the past, I imagine this was tasty (they always are!)


Muscle Candy’s Berry Whey Protein
Same again, although I didn’t taste this being dairy-free.


Body Me Organic Protein Blend in Cinnamon
Now this was a good tasty dairy-free protein, and worked well with just water, perfect for the gym.

Marvellous Superfood Organic Brown Rice Protein
Another good dairy-free option, and all-round good level of nutrition for a single-ingredient protein.
Better in smoothies than on its own.

You can also look through the entire list of winners for all the categories here.


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