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Once I’d toured Bath on Saturday afternoon of my wellness weekend, I took a taxi to my hotel. I was staying at the Combe Grove Hotel, a beautiful manor house located just outside the city of Bath in a breathtakingly peaceful countryside. Despite having grown up in similar surroundings, my last few years of city-living have made me realise just how wonderful rural Britain is, from the expanses of greenery to the gentle birdsong in the morning.

The Combe Grove Hotel boasts not only a luxurious collection of rooms, crushed-velvet furniture, and paintings galore, but also a spa and fitness suite called The Club. Nestled in their 70 acres of countryside, you can swim, steam, workout and more while residing at the hotel or pay to visit independently.

Despite all this, and my love of spas, I ended up resting in my room for the most part of Saturday evening, only emerging to eat at the hotel restaurant. The spa is open until 7pm on the weekends, and I’d arrived just before 5pm and flopped onto the grand double bed in a puff of happiness and exhaustion. Sometimes, a rest, film, and self-applied face mask is all you need to destress (thank you Dirty Dancing and Balance Me’s Face Mask).

On top of the luxurious setting and interiors, the Combe Grove also serves delicious food. On the Saturday night, I treated myself to three courses: a salmon, cream cheese and beetroot starter, crispy chicken’s egg for main, and passion fruit crème brulée to finish. Each course showcased variety of flavours playing off one another, and although I ate every bite, I was a little hungry for more vegan options on the menu. I ended up eating dairy even though I’ve been avoiding it as of late, and while the menu does ask you to speak to your waiter regarding dietary preferences, I always feel like I’m being overly irritating for asking for customisation of every plate. I would also have liked to know where their meat and eggs were sourced.

Overall, I had a really restful stay at the Combe Grove and even recommended it to friends visiting Bath soon after myself. It’s a little out of the way, and I did have a few niggles, but I did leave feeling contented and a little sad that I couldn’t have stayed for longer!


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