Chapel Arts Café

Mediterranean Flatbread at Chapel Arts Café

Interior of Chapel Arts Café

Chapel Arts Café Bath review

First stop on my tour of Bath last month was Chapel Arts Café, a lovely little vegetarian café tucked away from the main tourist traps. In fact, if you do fancy grabbing a bite to eat, don’t be put off by the strange entrance – follow the sign down the steps and into the rather unassuming-looking door and you’ll find a hive of friendly activity inside.

I was greeted by Mark Heather, the owner of Chapel Arts Café and shown to their ‘découpage’ table with lots of 80’s cut-outs that I couldn’t help pouring over when eating my meal. When chatting with Mark, I discovered that Bath is actually home to a few vegetarian eateries with varying styles (which is great for any veggie Londoners looking for an excursion without the hassle of ordering veggie food in a restaurant) but I have to say that there’s a real friendly vibe at Chapel Arts that you don’t find in most city veggie restaurants. Around me sat families, friends of varying ages, and their happy chatter was a welcome addition to the cosy interior.

As a nice little lunch, I ordered a Mediterranean Flatbread and cup of tea. The flatbread was clearly made in house, a little raggedy and crisp which I love. The topping of olives, peppers, tomato, rocket and more were akin to a healthy pizza and I ate it up pretty quickly, while planning my trip around Bath using the guide I’d received from the Bath Visitor Centre.

I don’t know about you, but travelling always makes me a little shaky, and I was able to calm myself and enjoy the food and atmosphere at Chapel Arts Café. I would recommend it as your first stop if you’re visiting Bath, or for a lunch no matter what your diet preferences!


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