Beyond The Kale

Beyond The Kale

Beyond The Kale Bath review

Vegan protein shake at Beyond The Kale

On the Sunday of my Bath Wellness Weekender, I trawled around the vintage fair at Green Park Station and then popped into Beyond The Kale for a smoothie and sit down. I had been planning to stay for lunch, but was so full from my breakfast at the Combe Grove Hotel that a vegan protein smoothie was all I could handle!

Beyond The Kale had been recommended to me a few times before my trip, and I can see why. It’s a lovely plantbased café akin to that of the Wild Food Café in London, with chalk boards, thick wooden tables and a menu that will have you browsing for hours.

Despite its small size, the café was busy throughout my hour spent there, but it didn’t stop me from chilling out in a corner, pouring over my book and also jotting down notes in my notepad. It’s nice to see a good uptake with locals rather than just veggie foodies, and the prices were similar to London cafés so I actually felt like I was getting a good deal at £5 a shake… I think my mum would shudder in horror knowing I’d paid that much though.

While I can’t say much for the food, it did look and smell really, really good. If I go back again it’s definitely on my list of places to revisit!


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