Reviewing My Wellbeing

Seeing as January is classically the month for self-improvement, I thought it would be good to post about my recent experiences at 58 South Molton Street*. I’ve been twice to the wellbeing centre, and after both visits have found myself leaving the place and turning onto Oxford Street with a real spring in my step.

The centre was set up by psychotherapist Noam Sagi and marketing expert Michal Cohen-Sagi as a beautiful space for health and wellbeing professionals to work in. Rather than a business centre, I’ve come to think of it as a co-working space for practicing therapists in all different fields.

What’s a Wellbeing Centre?

For visitors to the centre, you’ll find the place has a number of things to offer. First, there are the treatment rooms, with ‘House Experts’. Notable members include Angelique Panagos, the Nutritional Therapist I visited a while back (you can read about my experience with Angelique here), the Italian Medical Centre offering holistic healthcare and Noam Sagi himself.

Second are the rotating therapists. My first visit was something along the lines of this, a kind of open day for the centre where I got to meet and sit with Angelique, and then had my makeup done by talented natural makeup artist Mel Jenkinson from Glow Organic.

Therapy with Noam Sagi

On my second visit, I met with Noam Sagi for an hour’s introductory therapy session. I’ll be honest, it started off tense but the session ended with a hug, and what happened in-between really did make me re-evaluate my approach to life and my mental wellbeing. I can’t say that I was massively comfortable telling someone new to me things that go on inside my head, and even though I’ve wondered how therapeutic talking out my problems would be, in reality it’s weird to sit and talk about yourself for a long time without any real direction.

However, over the course of the session Noam pointed out some home truths – my bending to anyone’s will, wanting to always be liked, and always keeping myself in check when sometimes it’s okay to be messy and make mistakes – and those takeaways have helped me expand my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s okay to say no, and sometimes it’s okay for someone to not like you.

Natural Beauty

The final string in 58 South Molton Street’s bow is their natural beauty and wellbeing range. Called 58 Lifestyle, they use all organic products (where possible, for example clay can’t be organic) and they make some really delightfully scented items. My favourite from the range is definitely their bath oil, which creates a refreshing and heady experience with only a few drops each time.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed dipping my toes in a few different therapists’ pools and it’s made me realise that wellbeing encompasses so many things. While I’ll stick to the triumvirate of mind, body and spirit, it’s been nice to explore certain niches and I feel like my gut health and my confidence have both seen improvement!


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