January Favourites

January 2017 Favourites

How was your January? I’ll be honest, I’m really not keen on the cold weather, wet shoes, and hot dry air from the indoor heating. Give me the summer any day!

Despite all this, there have been a few stand out items I’ve enjoyed this month, and I’m glad to have discovered them to make the month a little more manageable…

Antipodes SPF15 Mosituriser

Last year I spent a long time examining natural suncare products – and I know you’re going to be wondering why I’m still trying them come winter! It’s more that exposure to the sun’s rays happens all the time, and I’d really like to find a natural moisturiser with SPF. My best bet so far has been Antipodes SPF15 Moisturiser*, suitable for face and body. It’s lighter than a suncream, but still takes a little time to really be absorbed – really though, I’m just happy I’m protected 24/7!

Ecotools Stippling Brush

I finally invested in a new foundation brush and I’m loving it. I swapped up my old Boots brush for an EcoTools Stippling Brush and I’m now a total convert to a round brush over a flat one. Makes applying foundation so quick and easy!

MOA Green Bath Potion

This month has been a busy and quite honestly, stressful one, so I’ve been taking baths when I can to relax and unwind. Alongside a ban on all tech in the bathroom (despite loving a good film while in the bath) I’ve enjoyed finding some headspace while using M.O.A.’s Green Bath Potion* – peppermint heaven!

Beefayre Wild Fig Candle

To go alongside my bathing sessions are my candles – I’m not at home until a candle is on to be honest! Last year I switched to using soy candles only, this little Wild Fig Votive from Beefayre* has been a pretty addition to my collection.

Deliciously Ella Energy Balls

You may have spied me at Deliciously Ella’s book launch last week – it was a lot of fun, and pretty surreal to get to speak to one of my biggest inspirations! I managed to sneak away with a few of The Mae Deli’s Energy Balls (and a sweet potato brownie in a napkin when no-one was looking!) and have been enjoying them on the go.

Ombar Coco Mylk

As my dairy-free story continues, I’ve switched up my chocolate for smaller, lighter affairs such as Ombar’s Coco Mylk bar. It actually makes me feel good knowing I’m having less dairy and sugar (and chocolate overall), plus I spotted Harry Styles in Wholefoods when I bought my last bar!

BBC Clean Eating documentary

Onto entertainment and I couldn’t write this list without mentioning the BBC Horizon documentary Clean Eating – The Dirty Truth – it’s like a grown-up version of Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets that aired on BBC 3 a while ago. To be honest, watch this, ignore the other one, and take note – “clean eating” has a negative connotation now, partly due to myself calling out orthorexia two years ago and landing in a Sunday Times Magazine article – but in all honestly, people like Ella Woodward are just making wholefoods more appealing than a lot of processed food out there.

Search Party

Another TV show, but this one is all pleasure. Earlier in the month I binge-watched Search Party, a story about a group of self-obsessed New York millennials who try to solve the mystery of a distant friend’s disappearance. It’s witty, clever, and well worth a watch for when you’re feeling like a little TLC in the form of nail polish, TV, and your PJs…


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