What I’ve Been Watching Lately

King David Top from THTCCan you guess from my t-shirt? Of course, it’s the one and only Planet Earth II. Every time the incredible people behind these wildlife documentaries put a series together, I get incredibly excited. Hands up who else used to binge watch them in university (along with Friends, no doubt)?

What I’ve learnt…

I think as I’ve got older, I’ve really started to realise the value of these documentaries and honed the art of watching them down to quite literally a “tea”. Each week, I save the new episode for an evening where I can relax on the sofa, hold close a cup of herbal tea and do nothing else but immerse myself. The environments and creatures they capture on film make me gasp, laugh, and sometimes even cry.

As the latest series came to an end on Sunday, I wanted to reflect on the message it also brought. I’ve known for a while that David Attenborough is a staunch defender of wildlife (considering he dedicated his whole life to documenting it, it’s no surprise) but in the Cities episode of Planet Earth II, there’s a real feeling of things have got to change. What we’re doing is not enough, but instead of working harder it’s clear that there are smarter ways and means we could be caring for the planet, and in turn, caring for ourselves.

Take the example shown of Singapore. If you didn’t see the show, you’ll be surprised in the ways the city as a collective is living in harmony with the nature around it – through giant forests planted on skyscraper balconies, and giant skyscraper trees with literal tonnes of flora growing through it. These developments are beautiful, and not only this, bring so many ecological and health benefits. Cleaner air, and peace of mind are just two things I appreciate my teeny London back-garden for, and in the winter you can even see how the busy road running past our doorstep keeps our front lawn a few degrees warmer than the back (frosted grass compared no frost at all).

We can all make a difference

My biggest takeaway from the documentary was that we can – and will – make a difference by choosing to live with nature and let it looks after us. Writing this blog, I try to find a cleaner or more sustainable way to do things, but I know there’s even more I could be doing. I’m currently lacking a community project to be a part of and I also have times where I’m so run off my feet that I fall for the convenience of plastic-wrapped foods, disposable bottles, and things that generally make me cringe. I’d like to try cleaning up my act a bit more and also find time to make real conscious choices – both for my planet and for myself.

So, thank you, David Attenborough, for bringing to my attention again the real value of the earth and all its inhabitants. Or should I say, King David, as was dubbed by my hemp, organic cotton, and GOTS-certified dye t-shirt* from THTC Clothing – an eco-friendly fashion brand with quite a few good tees to boot. Even in the smallest ways, we can make the world a more sustainable place, but better that we do it together.


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