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Deliciously Ella Every Day cookbook review

Honestly Healthy in a Hurry cookbook reviewLiora Bels The Mix cookbook reviewI used to really believe that “you can’t judge a book by its cover” but when it comes to cookbooks that just isn’t the case anymore. Pretty smoothie bowls, effortless-looking salads… I’ll be honest, my versions are often a lot more slap-dash (but still just as nutritious!)

This year it’s these five books that have had me experimenting, and they make eating healthily a lot of fun…

Deliciously Ella*

I can’t not put the original Deliciously Ella book on this list – it’s something I thumb through almost every weekend and has the stains to prove it! This book isn’t as easy to navigate as Deliciously Ella Every Day, but it does give a good introduction to plant-based eating, and Ella’s journey too. You can read a full review of the book from when I first fell in love with it here.

Deliciously Ella Every Day*

Ella Woodward‘s second book is definitely my favourite of her ever-growing series. Famous for her plant-based recipes, this book not only is full of pretty and easy-to-make options, it also gives advice on how to eat, and how to live the Deliciously Ella way. It’s nice to see how her brand is slowly growing into a lifestyle!

Honestly Healthy in a Hurry*

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of making food with Natasha Corrett of Honestly Healthy. All of Natasha’s recipes are focused on an alkaline diet, something I’m not a follower of, but the main difference here is that they give real scope for food options. There’s no exclusion of grains, carbohydrates, or sugars – instead, everything is vegetarian, dairy-free, and healthy, offering you room to apply moderation to your diet rather than complete committal. Favourite recipes of mine include

Keep It Vegan*

Aine Carlin is a sweet vegan blogger from Pea Soup Eats and I first stumbled across her book in the library while at university. I’ve since added it for my ever-growing cookbook bookshelf, and enjoy dipping in and out of her vegan recipes, ranging from salads to sundaes. My all-time favourite recipe remains her baked aubergine and lemon-infused couscous but there is loads more to explore for both healthy eaters and vegans alike!

The Mix

Liora Bels is a girl after my own heart. Preaching healthy eating and conscious living, her recipe book is a combinations of smiles and minimalism, both of which I love to emulate when showing how easy it is to live and eat well. She gifted me her new book – which is available in English, German, and French – so I can get to grips with the pretty plant-based eats she makes on the regular. One thing that I really love about the book is the photos – there is a photo for every single recipe, which I always find useful for choosing and making sure my food looks similar!


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