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Press Juices at Vita Mojo

Have you ever found yourself in my often-experienced lunch predicament? One or two lunchtimes per week you’ll find me pacing the high street contemplating how healthy I can make my lunch within one hour and with the spare change in my pocket. So far, I’ve flitted between cafés, supermarkets, and salad bars, but have never seen anything like what Vita Mojo is offering, so I thought I’d share my experience there!

Technological salad

I popped into the St Paul’s store a little while ago and I’m not going to lie, at first I did wonder whether I’d walked into an Apple Store or a salad bar. The principle concept is to order your food at the iPad station, or even do it in advance and run on down to the store afterwards to pick up your order. In some ways, this is super convenient, and it means you don’t have to queue in the limited space in front of the tills.

Looking through the Vita Mojo website, you can build your lunch box with as little or as much food as you like, and suiting your diet and tastes completely. I went for an regular-sized dish, plumping for the sweet potato mash (how could I resist?) with polenta, falafel, quinoa and black rice salad, cashew nuts, and a little baba ganoush dressing.

Sadly, technology often has a way of being over efficient. After I’d placed my order, the system cleared everything I’d asked for so that my receipt was the only place that showed what I’d chosen. I ended up having a laugh with the woman behind the counter and had to go through everything with her verbally. The box came out and I grabbed a juice too (it was nice to see Press juices there), although not before handing over £11. A little bit too expensive for a single lunch for myself…

…and the food?

Upon eating my food, I found the felafel to be cold and hard, but the polenta, quinoa and black rice salad, and sweet potato mash were delicious. Normally if I’m not a massive fan of something, I don’t review it, but I think Vita Mojo has stumbled upon a new concept of ordering food that really works for today’s healthy foodies. The menu is full of great dishes, ranging from high-protein options to low-carb salads, and with a lower price point and better overall service, it could be a really good place to eat.


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