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Carry on essential coconut oil

I love that we live in a world where coconut oil is considered a kitchen essential. I’ve been a convert for a long time, but it’s the many beauty uses of coconut oil that actually make it a bathroom essential for me.

While I’m in Portugal, I thought it would be good to post about my favourite travel items, and I always make sure to have a trusty mini pot of Vita Coco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with me. It might not be your conventional time of year for a sun holiday (I’ll be honest, I can’t sunbathe for more than a few minutes before getting itchy to go and do something else) but I know I’ll need the oil in one way or another over this long weekend away.

Here’s why coconut oil is my versatile best travel buddy…

Moisturise All Over

I hate taking along all my lotions and potions on journeys abroad. For the slightly more precious products, I worry that they’ll break or explode during transit, so coconut oil is my favourite alternative. I can use it as a moisturiser and facial oil before makeup, drop a little in the bath for a hydrating soak, and also apply it after shaving to get shiny and smooth legs.

Swipe Away Makeup

Holidays mean a little less time spent getting ready for bed and a little more time partying! Even on weekends, I get a little lax if I’m to remove my makeup after midnight. Coconut oil is my go-to for a quick swipe and sleep – I usually take a little on a muslin cloth (or cotton ball in a squeeze) after cleansing and wipe away all traces of my makeup. It’s especially good for removing my waterproof natural mascara.

Tame Humidity

My hair is pretty much a lion’s mane even without humidity. The last time I went and sat down at the hairdressers (organic salon Natural Colour Works is my go to), I asked the lovely Kimberleigh to take as much weight out of my hair as possible, and my new shorter and lighter locks need a little oil in the ends to keep them in tip-top condition. Coconut oil does in a pinch – I always take a little and heat it between my palms before applying to damp hair. The scent and shine are just lovely!

Perfume Good Enough to Eat

My final and new-found discovery is using coconut oil as a quick scent top-up. It might not have the staying power of synthetic perfumes, but it does have a lovely sweet and tropical scent. Make sure you pick extra virgin coconut oil, as the lower grades (normally simply called ‘coconut oil’) don’t have the same smell.


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