Face Masks: My Winter Favourites

Okay, if you haven’t already tried face masks, I urge you to get one on the go. I can’t believe I spent so many years without them – especially during my teens, when my skin would have really benefitted. Let’s not even talk about the fact that I knew nothing of the cleanse, tone, moisturise ritual…

Seeing as I’m a little more well-informed now, and a self-proclaimed green skincare junkie, I’ve been trying out all sorts of face masks over the last month to find the best ones for the winter weather. The benefit of a face mask is paramount now the colder weather is setting in; you’ll keep your skin plump, clean, and refreshed from the bitter cold breeze and dry indoor heat.

As with all my skincare recommendations, the first part is down to you: identify what type of skin you have, and what you want to improve. For me, that’s keeping my sensitive skin hydrated, and I know I have to drinking a lot of water and have a balanced diet to really achieve that alongside the products I use.

Natural Spa Factory Face Mask Review


My first recommendation is a cheapy but a goody. The Natural Spa Factory makes a range of face masks, and my favourite has been their Bilberry & Chamomile Peel Off Mask.

The sachet is just £6 for 30g and does two generous-sized face masks, perfect for a quick pick-me-up. It smells subtly of berries, and goes from a light purple powder into a paste with a little water and mixing. I found my skin reacted well to the gentle ingredients and I loved how the paste thickened up thanks to the algae in it.

REN Skincare Glycolactic Face Mask Review


While a one-off face mask is great, personally I prefer using something once or twice a week. A good mid-range option is REN Skincare‘s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask* which comes in at £32 for 50ml. The glycolactic properties come from fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit, and lemon, to decongest and remove dead skin cells. This will last you a long while – I’ve been using mine twice a week and there’s still so much to go.

The mask smells peachy, and is an orange gel that you apply to your face and then wipe off with the cloth provided for soft and bright skin.

Best Natural Winter Face Masks


Okay, this is the crowning glory of face masks. Balance Me‘s new Collagen Boost Restore and Replenish Overnight Repair Face Mask* is hands down my favourite winter face mask and its price reflects that, at £50 for 50ml. Made with a range of plant oils, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, it leaves my face plump and perfect after every use.

This mask is applied slightly differently to the rest too. After sitting with it on your skin for 15 minutes, you daub whatever hasn’t been absorbed off with a cloth and then sleep in it, giving you maximum absorption time and maximum hydration. I’ll be sad when I get to the end of this one!


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