Autumn Maya Wrap

Autumn printed scarf
Kakaw Designs
Kakaw Designs Quetzal Wrap

Now that the colder weather is setting in, I thought it about time to bring out the warmer items of my wardrobe. Alongside the long-lasting cable knit jumpers that I own, I’ve added this pretty piece: a quetzal wrap* from Kakaw Designs.

Large enough to cover my shoulders and head should I want it, and thin enough to wrap traditionally as a scarf, I’ve been throwing this on with my long-sleeve tops to wear in and out of the house. It was especially great when combatting a sore throat I had this month, keeping my neck warm and comfy all day long!

Kakaw Designs is an independent boutique set up in Guatemala by founder Mari. Her ethos is an interesting and culturally important one: while there are many NGO’s in the country, and foreign support for these, she is aiming to showcase traditional Guatemalan designs made with quality fabrics in a business that empowers women, and respects the environment. One thing that really caught my eye when learning of Kakaw Designs is that this is not just some charity project, it’s a business with integrity that is setting a new standard in its approach.

Currently Mari partners with a weaving cooperative, whose members dye and weave textiles in a traditional way, as well as other artisans that she has direct contact with. You can see all of them and their happy faces on their partners page!

As with all the clothes in my wardrobe, I really enjoy wearing this scarf with pride. It’s a beautiful, traditional piece, with a great story, and functional use too. I’ve gone for a more minimal piece from their range (surprise surprise, I can’t help my love for black clothing) but I’d recommend checking out their whole line, ranging from boots and shoes to bags, scarves, and accessories.


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