A Night with Mr Organic

Printworks Kitchen London
Mr Organic range
Avocado pesto pasta
Organic balsamic salad
Mexican three beans
Organic chocolate spread cakes

This Tuesday just gone, I spent the night eating wholly organic delights. Almost like a date with Mr Organic himself, I got to meet founder Kostas and the team behind the kitchen cupboard brand over an array of healthy treats.

Meeting Mr Organic

Straight from work I headed to Printworks Kitchen in Clerkenwell, a restaurant that serves up seasonal, local fresh produce in healthy meals (note to self, go back when in the area next!) The team at Mr Organic were there to meet me and other bloggers with their new range of products, from dried mixes of pulses and beans to their range of organic rices. As with all their products, they specialise in honest kitchen cupboard essentials, cutting out nasties such as lots of sugar in your ketchup, or BPA in your tinned foods.

I’ve actually been using their tinned chickpeas and beans for a long time, as the switch was easy (they’re distributed in health food stores such Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett, as well as local independent shops and online at Ocado) and the price difference is minimal compared to a lot of healthier options. Next time you’re shopping, look out for the black tins with smiley faces!

Wholly plantbased

The food on the night was created and made by Plantbased Judy, who spent the evening behind the scenes, so a big virtual hug goes out to her – everything was delicious! We started with a bruschetta which led into possibly the best healthy buffet I’ve had this year: black venere rice salads, avocado pesto tagliatelle, balsamic vinegar mixed leaf salad, and my personal favourite, a super simple, super yummy, mixed beans in chilli and garlic pesto, something I’ll be making as a side for myself from now on!

We chatted all together about the brand, how it was started by Kostas and his Italian business partner, a tomato grower by trade and passionate foodie. Both believe that organic food should be the norm (as it was a few generations ago) and it should taste great too, something I really agree with! I may have spent the night regurgitating my dissertation on how local organic food being the best it can be, and was happy to add kitchen cupboard items into the mix too: just because it’s tinned or bottled, it doesn’t mean it’s not fresh or healthy.

A naughty treat…

We ended the night with chocolate puff pastries made with Mr Organic’s chocolate spread and it was nice to see everyone indulging in a moderate and happy way, something I’ve always said is just as important as eating healthier things! Now I’m looking forward to making new recipes with their products, both Plantbased July’s ones from the night, and a few of my own creations. My chickpea-base pizza may need some work but when I’ve got it right, I’ll promise to share it!


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