4 Things To Do This Halloween

Mini halloween pumpkins

Instead of a monthly favourites this month, I’ve gone for a round-up of my plans for Halloween. The day of the dead is here again, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it healthy and mindful!

Rest in peace

…In the most alive sense possible! Since practicing yoga with Adriene in person (a full write up will come soon, but let’s just say it was beautiful) I’ve been enjoying it a lot more, and even got into it with a friend at work one morning last week. For Halloween I’m going to get into the spirit with a Corpse Pose practice or perhaps prepare for a day of frights with Yoga to Calm Your Nerves.

Rescue a pumpkin

Every Halloween, over 15 million edible pumpkins are binned across the UK. It’s a genuinely horrifying thought as food waste is already a big issue – whether you look at it from an environmental point of view or that food bank usage is at a record high.

Thankfully, Hubbub has come to the #PumpkinRescue. Why not use your pumpkin for good after its night on the porch and cut it up and cook it? It’s a simple task and also saves money, while enabling you to make a fresh, seasonal dish. Why not try my warming pumpkin stew?

Eat seasonably

That being said, you could also try going for some other seasonal veggies! I love the root veggies and gourds that the Autumn brings – if you want to know what’s on offer, have a read of my What’s in Season in October post. so how about giving one of these recipes a go?

Watch something mildly scary

There’s scary, and then there’s horror. I’m really not a horror film fan – I hate the sweaty palms, I hate the can’t-look-away feeling, and I hate the haunted nightmares for nights after. In fact, horror films might be bad for your health and I’m more than happy to hide behind that study instead of admitting my wussiness…

Instead, I’m planning on a night in watching mildly scary stuff like Celebrity Haunted Hotel and Black Mirror and handing out sweets to anyone who knocks on our door. What could be better?


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