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Benefits of kefir Bio-tiful Dairy kefir

Have you tried fermented food or drinks before? I’m already a massive fan, having spoken about kombucha previously, but there’s a new k-word in town: Kefir.

What is kefir?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink made using kefir grains. Having done a little reading around the subject, I’m loving the mystical history surrounding it – originating in the Caucasus Mountains more than 2000 years ago, it is the oldest fermented milk drink known to man!

The drink is made from cow’s milk (preferably organic) and naturally packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria. Having tried Bio-tiful Kefir, I’ve found it to be less fizz than kombucha and more like yoghurt, with a delicious natural milky taste. They also have in their range a Morello Cherry Smoothie, which is pretty tasty, as well as a Honey & Mint Smoothie and Baked Milk Kefir.

The beauty of kefir is that it works in too distinct ways: first, the drink itself is really quite nutritious, with 8g of protein in each 250ml serving (around 16% of your recommended daily allowance), essential vitamins (including B2 and B12), as well as calcium and phosphorous. This means that it helps maintain skin, teeth and bone health and naturally supports your immune system and energy levels.

Magic ingredient

However, the real magic is the benefit of the live bacteria in the drink – these top up the healthy bacteria in your digestive system, and help you to get the most nutrients out of your food. My experience with probiotics, in both tablet and drink forms, has probably been the most revolutionary thing I’ve discovered on my wellness journey so far. In January of this year, I was so frustrated with my grumbling tummy that I read The Microbiome Solution and discovered that probiotics is one of the first and best ways of helping your body to recover from digestive problems, and further help other parts of the body such as your skin, brain power, and hair. Since then, I’ve found that by topping up the good bacteria in my body, I’ve stopped suffering from IBS, and am more productive throughout the day as I’m not worrying about when it’s going to strike next!

It is worth pointing out that while I generally don’t drink dairy, I’ve made an exception for kefir to try and understand its benefits. I enjoyed trying out Bio-tiful as their products are made with organic milk (so no strange hormones) and their range caters for everyone. In fact, it was developed by former figure skater Natasha Bowes, who moved to London from Russia and realised no-one here drank kefir!

My number one tip on getting the most out of kefir is to have a diet high in foods that help the growth and nourishment of probiotic bacteria, such as fibre-rich grains, rice, and soy, as well as inulin, a dietary fibre found in chicory, which can be added to smoothies and drinks. As with all wholefoods, a combination is key!

This post is sponsored by Bio-tiful Dairy.


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