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RMS organic beauty products

RMS Beauty may just be the holy grail of organic beauty products. I’ve coveted them for a long while – minimalistic, versatile, and made from certified organic ingredients, they are as beautiful to look at as to apply.

The unique philosophy behind RMS is that their makeup doubles as skincare. Nourishing the skin with a base of organic plant-based oils, cocoa butter and beeswax, I’ve already started cutting back on the skin oils and face serums I apply before I get round to applying these pretty little pots.

My RMS Beauty favourites

So far in my collection is RMS Beauty Lipshine* in the shade Content and RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up* in Colour 11. The lipshine was my first foray into RMS and I was amazed at its staying power when wearing it over the summer. Ignoring my lip-licking tendencies, the deep red colour stayed put on some hot sunny days, despite its soft base of castor seed and coconut oil. I also like that it works when applied softly, or given a little more oomph for a sultry night out.

The “Un” Cover-up is my newest beauty addition, and while I’ve only worn it three times so far, I’ve started to see how the range interacts with one another. I’m loving that this too can be applied as little or as much as I like, to be treated as a concealer or a foundation depending on your mood (and skin!) The final piece I need in my collection to perfect these is the RMS Beauty “Un” Powder as I’ve been finding my nose gets a little too shiny using the “Un” Cover-up alone.

Pretty pots

As the shallow natural beauty junkie that I am, I love that these come in uniform brushed glass and metal lidded pots, packaging perfect for a tiny makeup bag or to sit out on my beauty counter. I also love how these are intended to be applied with your fingertips. It makes me feel dainty and also a little more connected with my skin when applying in the mirror most mornings, plus it’s good to see how my skin is feeling.

I’m almost hyper aware of the sensitivity of the skin on my face, adapting my daily routine based on the weather and its condition after cleansing. For example, this week in London has taken us from grey humidity to jumper weather, meaning that my skin is immediately crying out for a good night cream and a deep moisturising face mask on the weekend (I’m looking forward to it!)

Organic certification?

While I write about natural beauty all year round, I thought it would good timing to feature my new love for RMS during Organic Beauty Week. This is Soil Association‘s annual week to raise awareness for certified organic products (which is a thinly veiled push for more upcoming organic brands to get certified by them) but there is good reason for organic certification.

As expensive as it may be, it’s one of the only ways consumers can truly trust natural beauty companies to produce safe, toxic-free products fit for our skin and the bloodstream it sinks into. Sadly, RMS is not yet certified organic, and considering the price and how established its products are, I’d really expect it to be approved by at least one independent body (in America, this is commonly the USDA, and Ecocert in Europe). I’m hoping that seeing how well established these certification bodies have become, and their adaptation to certifying beauty products too, brands such as RMS make that leap. My fingers are crossed!


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