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Nutribullet UK Review

When I first started getting into healthy eating, I felt like I was hideously ill-equipped. Hands up who else didn’t know the difference between a blender and a juicer? Ever tried using a food processor? Neither had I.

A few years later, and I’m a bit of a gadget hoarder. In the cupboard lies my slow juicer, a food processor, a blender, and my favourite spiraliser. But none of this compares to my newest addition to the kitchen, and the only gadget I keep out on the kitchen counter: my Nutribullet.

If I’m honest, I feel like I’ve taken the most wasteful route getting to my Nutribullet. Since going vegetarian and picking up the Deliciously Ella fever, I’ve burned through two other blenders and now I’m finding I don’t need my food processor either. I can’t say it wasn’t without merit; I’ve learnt how to make smoothies without a recipe book (a soft bland base, sweet highlights, and maybe a powder or two), how to get the best out of my juicer, and make quick healthy snacks in my food processor. But I could have done all of this with a Nutribullet, with greater ease and less cost overall.

I have been trialling this little powerhouse for a month now, and I’m really impressed. It blends smoothies so well, I’ve not experienced any bits at all since switching. I’ve actually got back into having a smoothie every morning because it’s made it so easy to do; no bits, a quick blast (around 20 seconds), and I can pop a lid on the cup if I need to run out to work in a hurry.

On top of this, it doubles as a food processor, capable of grinding down a handful of nuts, or if you’re a little stuck when it comes to coffee, coffee beans. It blended some whole beans into perfectly brew-able grinds, which makes it a versatile and useful tool for more than just one meal a day.

Alongside the Nutribullet came two large cups (which are a little too large for my liking, but do just fine), two lids, two lip rings, two handled lip rings, and a recipe book. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t need all those lids and things… If I can use a maximum of two lids at a time, one of each would have done. I was also surprised to find the recipe book is possibly the cheesiest recipe book I have ever flicked through; smiling couples holding smoothies, proclamations of weight loss and life changing experiences… It’s just not my style of healthy living.

However, none of this detracts from the efficiency and sheer joy of using the Nutribullet (I’m hesitant to call it a blender as it feels like so much more…) If you came to me now and asked what I would recommend for your newest piece of kitchen equipment, I would recommend this. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting your healthy living journey, or are looking to scale up from an average blender – this is your new best friend.

In the future, I think I’m going to slim down my kitchen items and stick with this and my juicer. Everything else is surplus now, if I’m honest, and I really do love saving shelf space.


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