July Favourites

July 2016 Favourites Korres Mascara Matt + Nat Sandals Siku Moja

July has come and gone so quickly! Scattered with hot sunny days and humid wet weeks, I’ve really enjoyed being out and about more. In-line with that came my post all about sunscreen, a sunshiney dewy makeup look, and a review of my favourite slow fashion jumpsuit.

I also have had a month of new discoveries, purchases, and gifts! To recount everything, here’s my list of 10 July Favourites, some featured in the images, and some online experiences I’d recommend giving a try!

1. Matt + Nat silver sandals

I have really enjoyed flip-flopping around London in these beauties (and they look good as new even after a month of wearing them). The makers of my Orwell Handbag, I’ve been a fan of their vegan leather for a few years, as it’s a durable and soft alternative made from plant-based and recycled materials. Their designs have always been on-trend, and these are no exception, especially in all their vibrant silver glory!

2. My new water bottle

I have a new bottle! Helping me drink a lot more water in this summer sun, I’ve been enjoying it in and out the house. I have to admit, it’s a little bit of a copycat S’Well bottle in design, and I’d recommend getting one of those over this to be honest. S’Well create BPA-free metal bottles that keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Their reinvention of the milk bottle shape has led to some beautiful designs, and nicer still, they donate a percentage of their profits to UNICEF, American Forests, and Drink Up.

3. Savse juices

I’ve been a fan of Savse for a while (say sav-say), and it’s so handy to have their cold-pressed smoothies stocked in Boots. So, it’s been with some excitement that I’ve been trying their juices* over the last month! My favourite from the Purple Carrot, Jonagold Apple, and Grove Orange is definitely the apple, as it’s a less sweet version of regular apple juice that’s been cold-pressed and bottled with literally no other ingredient.

4. Korres mascara

I already mentioned my new Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara* in my Natural Dewy Makeup Tutorial, and of the lot of Korres products I’ve tried, this is definitely my favourite. It’s a clean formula, cruelty-free, and the brush means my lashes are thicker. It makes a great change from my Green People Volumising Mascara, which lengthens rather than thickens lashes.

5. Metal straw

This was a lovely little gift from a work friend! I recently leant her my Zero Waste book by Bea Johnson, and as a fellow aspiring zero-waster, she bought us both metal straws so we can still enjoy drinks in a more sophisticated way without the unnecessary plastic waste.

6. Siku Moja

While my post on the launch of new ethical fashion brand Siku Moja is waiting in the wings, I had to slip in a mention in my favourites as I had such a good time at their launch party last week. Get ready to hear about a new sustainable and ethical independent brand!

7. Selva Beat magazine

Who knew going palm oil-free could be so cool? This independent magazine was a joy to read, taking me through all the common names for palm oil in food and beauty products, and why it’s such a bane to the earth. Read the latest edition of Selva Beat here.

8. Limes

It’s the summer so it’s time for citrus fruit! I’ve been really enjoying buying fresh limes, squeezing half of one into a glass, pouring over sparkling water, and smashing a little fresh mint into it. Even better when the mint is from my tiny flat garden!

9. My Nutribullet

Another thing I’ve been having a lot of fun with is my new Nutribullet*. I’m going to do a full review soon – I mean, it’s quite pricey for a blender – but let’s just say, I am seeing far more positives at this point.

10. Zero Waste Home app

This final discovery came to me from the same friend who gave me the metal straw (thank you Bertille!) I’ve been a fan of Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home blog for a long while now, and her book is just as brilliant. Well, Bea’s recently updated her blog (it looks so good now) and with it comes an app to show you your nearest bulk stores for fresh produce, beauty, and pet products. With my first use came the realisation that there’s a co-operative providing food in bulk without packaging just around the corner from me! I’m planning to visit it in the next week, so I’ll let you know how it goes…


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