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Comvita Natural Skintensive Cream

From time to time, my skin suffers from a dry patch or two that just doesn’t quite heal from a smear of coconut oil. I also have friends with skin conditions that really do need care, and when it comes to natural products, it’s hard to find ones that stand up to the reputed ranges from my childhood.

Since taking the natural skincare route, it’s been difficult to find alternative powerful creams that really do the trick. I remember as a child when my mum’s hands would crack in the winter, and she’d have to make do with E45 and medical creams that really smelt funny, and didn’t do much to help. I imagine even now, there will be a pot of the stuff lurking in your very own bathroom cabinet somewhere, and if not that, the weird mineral oil jelly that is Vaseline.

So imagine my delight when I came across the new skincare range from Comvita. Comvita’s Medihoney is the first natural derma care range that I’ve seen with deep healing properties that go from antibacterial wound gels to after sun, and I’m really happy to find advances like this. Not only do they cater to my lifestyle, but they strengthen the philosophy that natural products really are all we need, and that we’re not missing out on anything by going au naturel.

Recently I’ve been trying their Natural Skintensive Cream, which aims to heal very dry skin and eczema. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid any red bumpy outbreaks as of late (which may be down to my avoidance of lactose), however I can tell from the consistency and formula that this is definitely a product to recommend for more serious skin problems.

The cream is principally made from manuka honey, and plant oils to make a potent cream. Two of my beauty favourites – shea butter and olive oil – feature highly in its ingredients, and the fact that it is pH balanced means it isn’t reactive to stressed or sensitive skin types. It’s also fragrance free, so there’s no unnecessary ingredients in its make-up, something I’m a massive fan of.

I actually gave this to a friend who has been struggling with sore skin on their face for a while to try, with good results. My understanding is that if the skincare product can be used on sensitive skin, and even on the face, it will work wonders on the body too.

Comvita is a manuka honey company at heart and has been using honey as a medicine for over 40 years. I know this will be a little controversial to my vegan readers, but I don’t have a problem with honey or pollen products as there is no harm to the bees; only propolis and bee venom make my avoidance list. Comvita is great when it comes to pure products, spanning skincare, vitamins + minerals, medical elixirs, and even oral care.

This post was sponsored by Comvita.


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