Captain Fantastic Film Premiere

Captain Fantastic Premiere Somerset House Riverside Terrace Captain Fantastic Film Premiere

The big mystery has been revealed! I feel like I’ve been taken on a little journey when it comes to this film. I was contacted out of the blue to attend the premiere of Captain Fantastic, and on a whim I decided to go. It seemed like a cutesy thing to do, even if it was a little out of context for what I usually write about online (heck, I even admitted to it not being in-keeping with my usual content).

However, after spending last night at its premiere, I can totally see why it’s a great fit for me, and an eye-opening film for anyone else interested in living sustainably.

How much change?

Something I discuss regularly with my boyfriend is how much of a change we need to make to really live a sustainable lifestyle. The same as anything, the more aware of something you become, the more you want to change it; be it reducing plastic, eating better, or that little scratch on the ceiling that you notice every time you wake up. Perhaps I’m a little neurotic, but I feel like perhaps the steps I’m taking – and will continue taking for the rest of my life – just aren’t a big enough change.

Captain Fantastic to the rescue

Well, Captain Fantastic explores this quite wonderfully, along with love, laughter, and lots of Noam Chomsky references. In essence, it’s a curiously conscious film (see what I did there?!) The film is about a family living deep in the forest, with no influence from society. A tragedy means they have to stray into the ‘real world’, and navigate the oddities that we know as social norms. I’ve come away from the film with a sense of balance, and a hunger to delve deeper into some of the subjects touched upon. Writer and Director Matt Ross playfully dropped names and quotes throughout it, hinting at undercurrents of climate change, capitalism, law and responsibility.

Somerset House

Can I also say, the premiere for this was cool. Really cool. As the last film to be shown on the Film 4 Summer Screen at Somerset House, I arrived to drinks on the Riverside Terrace (I went for a raspberry mocktail with lime and mint) and was then given a little red blanket to sit on and shown to an reserved area within the courtyard. We got to hear from producer Lynette Howell, and writer and director Matt Ross, with a few wry hints about the storyline. Viggo Mortensen then came and said a few words, and took a giant selfie with everyone giving the camera the middle finger (you’ll get it when you see it!) Afterwards, he came and sat down about six blankets away from me… It was a surreal experience, to watch him in the film with him sat a couple of paces away (especially the completely nude scene…)

Captain Fantastic is a film with a lot of heart and real meaning too. Looking back on it, I feel like it’s going to be one of those films you watch over and over again on lazy Sundays when you’re looking for some inspiration. A scene that really sticks with me is when the music falls away, and we’re left with the family sat together but all doing their own thing, a tender connection keeping them all content. It’s a beautiful moment, and it says everything without needing to say anything at all.


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