5 Cups of Healthy Coffee

Healthy coffee

Coffee and I go way back. Admittedly, it’s not the finest of relationships – even now, if I get a slightly too strong-a-brew, I find myself jittery and restless, but gosh if there is a nicer smell to wake up to, tell me now.

However, with there being so much coffee, so many types, and so many cups being drunk every day (165 million in the UK alone!) it was only a matter of time before coffee got a healthy overhaul. The main factors of making coffee ‘healthy’ come down to the caffeine content, and preventing addiction or reliance on it.

Caffeine control

When you strip coffee back, you get to a roasted bean – as natural as cocoa, but with an energy boost. One way to help curb the caffeine shakes is to use a caffeine-controlled option such as Truestart Performance Coffee. This is something my boyfriend uses before a workout as a healthier alternative to energy drinks and gels, but it’s also great if you’re looking to stick to a 95mg portion size.

Zero caffeine

Now, this is something I haven’t tried, but if you’re looking for a natural caffeine alternative to coffee, I’ve been told gurana is the way to go. You may have a muddied view of this, as it’s often contained in energy drinks, but it’s actually a type of fruit. If this sounds good, this Whole Earth Wake Up Coffee is definitely worth a try!

Cocoa locoa

Another option, and possibly the most revolutionary on this list, is the cocoa alternative I’ve been trying recently. I picked up two bags of Cavalla French Roast* from Crio Bru, and its fragrant coffee-slash-chocolate taste has been a real treat. Since my espresso days in Paris, I went coffee free for so long, and this would have been really handy. Also, if you’re not the mocha type, you could try barley coffee such as this Whole Earth Organic No Caffeine Coffee.

Cold brew

There’s also the idea that cold brew coffee is a little healthier for you – the heat of a regular coffee creates a more acidic drink, meaning cold brew leaves in more nutrients and makes it easier for your body to absorb (although I would take this with a figurative pinch of salt). Last year I reviewed Nomi Cold Brew Coffee and loved the fact it comes in glass bottles, with an almond milk option too.

Bathe… in coffee

Finally if you’re looking to stop the coffee consumption altogether but still want to enjoy its heady scent, I would recommend a coffee scrub to wash with. My DIY coffee scrub recipe is one of the things I will continually remake when I run out. It’s turned around many tough mornings, and makes my skin feel velvety soft.

Sustainable cups

I also thought it would be good for anyone who enjoys a coffee on the go to mention a few sustainable options to reduce waste – the uproar that echoed online after everyone discovered that the majority of coffee cups aren’t recyclable makes these even more pertinent.

My favourite option is the Keep Cup, which I’ve showcased previously in a Monthly Favourites post – mine is glass and cork, and I find once you get over the initial nerves of asking a barista to fill your own cup with coffee, they’re usually quite charmed with the look and that you’re being green!


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