Why I Only Use Soy Candles

Why choose soy candles

My pursuit for wellness still springs up surprises from time to time. You’d have thought that with just under two years of blogging under my belt (one week until my 2-year blogiversary!) I’d have covered so many topics – and you’d be right, but candles had never crossed my mind until recently.

I’m considerate when it comes to the foods and lotions + potions I put in and on my body, so why not the smells I breathe too? I’ve naturally gravitated towards soy candles in the past (check out this cute one in my May 2016 Favourites) but never really stuck my nose in – pun intended – researching the affects candles and regular smellies have on your health, or the planet. Here’s what I’ve found on my quest for the cleanest candles…

Soy is clean

In other words, paraffin candles are toxic, as they give off a petro-carbon soot that isn’t great for your respiratory system, and contains two known carcinogens (toluene and benzene) as well as staining your walls and ceilings. Soy candles are a natural alternative, as they are made from a plant-based oil that doesn’t give off this petro-carbon soot, or any carcinogens.

Soy burns for longer

Soy burns slower than paraffin candles, meaning you’ll get a few more nights to enjoy your candles – and also bringing down the price difference between the two types too. Soy also burns more evenly, meaning there’s less wax wasted once your candle has burnt out.

Soy is vegan

If you’re vegan, soy is also a viable option for you over natural candles like beeswax. Either way, if you care about animals or the environment, including the one you (and possibly your pets) live in, soy is the cleanest type of candle to use.


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