The One & Only Jumpsuit

Braintree Jumpsuit from House of Fraser

It is time. I’ve been banging on about my new jumpsuit for a good few weeks now, and only shown you glimpses… so here it finally is! Isn’t it pretty?

I have followed fashion and lifestyle blogs for years now, and it’s taken me just under two to finally strike a pose on my own. As my first solo shoot (thank you self-timer) I’m quite happy with the way it’s come out too.

The first thing I thought when slipping the jumpsuit on was “Wow, this is soft!” During my first full day of wearing it, I kept having to glance down to make sure I wasn’t still in my pyjamas! It’s so light and comfortable, it’s made the last week glide by without worry of overheating or just the general stickiness trousers bring. And even for a less curvy girl in the chest department (you know what I mean) everything stays covered, although a simple camisole does help me qualm and public indecency worries.

 The jumpsuit is from Braintree (or as they’re now known, Thought). As is the way with the majority of Braintree clothes, comfort is of utmost importance, being made from 100% organic cotton slub. I had to check up on what slub meant: it means cotton with slight lumps and imperfections, but with this dainty waves print you can’t tell at all.

Being brutally honest, I didn’t realise House of Fraser stocked Braintree, and was delighted when I found out they do, as well as People Tree (what is it with all these ethical fashion brands and trees?!).

The website is quite difficult to navigate, so it might be why I struggled finding ethical fashion on there, and I do wonder why there isn’t an Eco Edit akin to the one on ASOS.

From two days of padding around London in my silver Matt + Nat sandals and jumpsuit, there are two things I have found:

  1. People love a good jumpsuit. My boss told me he loved my outfit, my flatmate said he wants to steal it, and not one person made an MC Hammer reference
  2. Fashion is an expression of yourself. I know this is said everywhere you go, but I found that moving away from my usual uniform of black jeans and a top, not one person batted an eyelid; in fact, positivity was all I got back.

I’m looking forward to taking this beauty away with me on holiday in September (although I am yet to book it so we shall see…) And I also have an ethical sandals post coming up, so keep a look out for that!


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