Natural Dewy Makeup Look

Korres Black Volcanic Mineral Mascara

I’ve always been a little afraid of makeup. It’s one of those things that no-one teaches you – and I can’t be alone, because YouTube is a bubbling stream of makeup tutorials. However, growing up, YouTube wasn’t half as popular, and I didn’t even try wearing foundation until I made it to 18. A flick of black mascara from Body Care and a dab of the creamiest, spot-inducing concealer stick I had somehow  managed to lay my hands on.

Five or so years on, and I’m still nowhere near an expert. Even in the photo, there are imperfections; you’ll have to excuse the wet hair as I like to leave my hair to dry naturally when I can, and give it a break from the harsh heat of my hairdryer. It’s moments like this where I can take pleasure applying my makeup, applying oil to my hair to bring out a glossy sheen, and sit around in my dead comfy jumpsuit (I can’t wait to show you it!).

In the time gone by, I’ve gone from makeup rookie to natural makeup maven, and while I’m still relatively light in the makeup skills department, it’s with a conscious effort that I’ve avoided Kardashian-esque contouring and similar looks. I’ve always preferred enhancing my face rather than covering it up, so you may catch a blemish here or there, but my makeup will bring out my eyes, and give my skin a dewy glow. Think of this tutorial as a little guide to natural makeup, and a natural look too.

1. Moisturise

I start off on any given day with an intensive moisturiser. My skin is a little red demon at times, and can do with as much long-lasting moisture as possible. My lotion of choice is Green People’s Beauty Boost Skin Restore, which is made with over 90% organic ingredients and soothes my skin, drying quickly without leaving it tacky to the touch.

2. Oil

I’ve been using beauty oils for a few years now, and they really turned my skin around. This is the real secret to dewy skin; finding an oil that fits with your skin, the season, and the makeup you wear is crucial. Right now, I’m using this organic moringa oil as it’s light and a one-ingredient product – my favourite. To apply, I put one drop on either cheek, and smudge in with my hands. On dry days, I do this twice, allowing the oil to soak in the first time and then applying again before foundation.

3. Foundation

I am so stuck on this Korres foundation*, and I’m still a little unsure whether I should be recommending it. This is the first and only ‘natural’ foundation I have used that gives me the coverage I desire, but on closer inspection there are ingredients I generally avoid in it. Looking past the parfum, glycols, and -cones, it lasts on my skin all day without issue, giving me completely even coverage, and provides a good base for bronzer, blush, and concealer. To apply, I take my foundation brush and swirl in circles, starting on my cheeks (to pick up the rest of the oil) and brush it across my face.

4. Bronze

I have been using this for so long, and I cannot fault it. It’s pretty in my little transparent makeup box, it isn’t too orangey (I have it in shade 02 Warm Glow), nor too shiny, and it brings out the dew of my skin with its oil and foundation mix every single time. Once my foundation is all in place, I swipe this across the apples of my cheeks and up my cheek bones with a large bronzer brush.

5. Brows

Quite literally ‘eyebrow pencil’ in English, this little organic Avril eyebrow pencil is the most inexpensive item in my makeup bag, yet I doubt I would go without it since trying it. My brows are quite wild (I like to think more Cara Delevigne than Wolverine…) and I enhance this slightly with this pencil. Applying in little light strokes when the pencil is not too sharp, it covers up any tiny sparse patches and gives my brows shape. To finish, I brush all the eyebrow hair up with a brow brush, and then smooth the shape by running my finger along the top of both brows.

6. Shadow

I have this Body Shop eyeshadow in ‘Coconuts About You‘ and I genuinely am coconuts about it! I recently rid myself of an old eye shadow palette I’d had for years (yes, makeup does go off, and yes, you should keep on top of it) and replaced it with this one little eyeshadow. I usually apply it with my little finger, smudging it in for a less harsh look.

7. Lashes

The final part of the puzzle is Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara*. A cruelty-free brand, this mascara is definitely a lot cleaner than its aforementioned foundation. I’ve really enjoyed the contrast between this mascara and my Green People Volumising Mascara (review), as the liquid and the brush create dark, thick lashes that go well with a dewier look than the long, glamorous swooshes of my regular mascara. In fact, if you’re looking to take this look from day to night, I’d recommend this mascara switch-up, with a swish of black eyeliner too or perhaps a glossy lip.


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