May Favourites

May has been a wonderful month. I’m really starting to feel at home – my family has come to visit, the flat garden is blooming, and after a week of train journeys (excluding the regular blasts on the tube) I’m glad to be sat at home with a cup of green tea and a keyboard to tap out my thoughts and feelings.

There have been some real high points this month which I’ve covered in previous posts: my feature in the Sunday Times Magazine, discovering maple water, and National Vegetarian Week. And there have also been a few tit-bits that I’ve saved up until the end of the month to reveal!

1. Keep Cup

A sustainable must-have for all coffee lovers, I’ve been enjoying my Keep Cup on days where a homemade brew just won’t do. I went for the classic glass and cork option, but I’m also loving their colour range – and they come in different sizes too, depending on your preference!

2. Mooncup

Another cup with a completely different use, but a sustainable one nonetheless. I’m due to do a full review of the Mooncup soon, but after my first six months giving it a go, I’m definitely giving it the thumbs up. If you’re not already aware what a mooncup is, it’s essentially a reusable silicone cup that women can use in place of tampons, pads, and the like. If that isn’t your thing, check out these organic cotton options.

3. Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream

So, my fling with ‘natural’ nail polishes over. In all honesty, I couldn’t bear spending the £10+ on polishes that still smelt far too synthetic to my liking, and removing the polish still tore my nails up. As I get back to having natural nails, I’ve been treating my poor ones to long-lasting hydration in the form of Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream*. Putting this on before bed, and then whenever I have time out and about, they are already looking softer and shinier. You can read a full review here.

4. Lianne La Havas – Blood

You know you’ve sorted your life out when you have a Spotify subscription on the go. My music splurge is justified as my accompaniment on my walk to and from work every day, and I’ve been loving Lianne La Havas’ latest album, Blood. It’s like honey for your ears!

5. Meraki Hand Cream

Isn’t it beautiful? Anything Danish-designed (make that Scandinavian) and I’m drooling. This hand cream from Meraki* comes in a lightly fragranced linen dew scent, cut through with mint. Made with natural oils, it’s actually a little step outside of my usual natural beauty picks – I’d love to see some organic or cruelty-free certification…

6. Botanical Farmer Candle

Simplistic and strong-smelling, this candle has been a permanent feature on my desk for a good while now – I actually haven’t yet used it purely because it’s packaged so well. I love the little mason jar that the Clarity Candle* comes in, white rubber stopper and all. I’ve also been enjoying their Room Botanicals in Sleep* made from dried flowers straight from the farm.

7. Ctrl Alt Delete

One in a line-up of two podcasts, Ctrl Alt Delete has gotten me through walking and running this month alongside Lianne La Havas. Emma Gannon, who I’ve been following on Twitter for some years, has expanded into a light-hearted but interesting podcast series featuring big names such as Cheryl Strayed, Zoella, and industry experts. Every one I’ve listen to so far I’ve loved!

8. Well Aware Show

The final favourite of the month, and it’s another podcast. The Well Aware show is a masterclass in all things mindful with an equal dose of minimalism too. I first listened to the podcast last year in my little lonely flat on the outskirts of London, and have enjoyed topics ranging across sustainability, yoga, natural beauty and more being discussed. Well worth a listen, plus Lindsay’s voice is raspy wonderfulness.


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