Green People: Volumising Mascara

Green mascara is quite hard to find. What I mean by this is natural mascara rather than the colour green – although I recently saw a girl on the tube who wore pink mascara and was rocking it.

Despite being somewhat of a green beauty reviewer, I’m a creature of habit; I tend to stick with my favourite brands when I’m left to choose. Having stuck for a while with Living Nature’s Fragrance Free Mascara, I took to Twitter to ask which mascara you were all trusting, and by the sounds of it, Green People’s Volumising Mascara was working a treat.

So, here’s my review. And it’s not five stars, but that’s my own fault…

First thing’s first: I always go for pure black mascaras. I’m yet to find a person who I think brown mascara suits more than black (and that’s the same for my very blonde mother and grandmother), and with my dark hair and even darker pencilled brows, black is the only way to go!

I’ve been using it for three months now, and it’s almost time to get a new one. The liquid has gotten thicker over time, and while it does volumise, I’d say it’s the same as the Living Nature one as it lengthens more than anything else. It also doesn’t have much of a smell, and my eyes have been fine with it, although it does need a good swipe of micellar water on a reuseable pad every night, otherwise you’ll wake with panda eyes!

My downfall comes down to how I purchased my mascara. Having searched around online, I found it cheapest on Amazon – not my greatest moment, I’ll admit. When it arrived, it was quite dry already, and I imagine from an older batch than I would have received if I’d ordered it directly from Green People. Inspired by my mistake, I’m soon going to release a list of best places to order from online other than Amazon…

All in all, this mascara is a good standard black mascara. You can apply quickly for a daytime look, or go all in for a darker, evening smoulder… The choice is yours!


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