The Benefits of Maple Water

I’ve officially ended my coconut water phase. Was it a fad? Possibly. Would I still drink it? Of course. But I don’t actively go to the ends of the earth to find good quality coconut water anymore… After finding myself with just over 50 bottles of the stuff (it’s a long story…) my love for the cloyingly sweet drink has petered out.

What is new, is tree water. Gimme tree water! I’m starting to realise our transparent lifeblood can be tapped directly from our plant friends, and it tastes just delicious.

Maple water* is definitely my favourite of those. It’s something I’ve only just tried, thanks to DRINKmaple, and it’s a subtly sweet treat. Maple water is taken from maple trees during the spring, when their sap begins to move through their wooden veins, and once it’s tapped (think Katniss with that spile) it’s bottled for us to drink!

The surprising thing is that maple water tastes almost as if it’s been designed to taste as sweet as it does. While it has half the sugar of coconut water, DRINKmaple’s variety is also completely pure, containing nutrients such as calcium, iron, and manganese, simply because this water has been through a maple tree.

I’m particularly intrigued by the manganese element of maple water, as one serving contains 50% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA), and have come to find that it’s a trace mineral linked to bone and skin production, as well as blood sugar control1. As always, I’m impressed with mother nature’s multiple uses for minerals such as these… Good food is definitely the best preventative medicine.

So, when’s best to drink maple water? One of the best recommendations I’ve seen for it is as a healthy sports drink. With a small dose of sugar, hydration from the water, malic acid which may help muscle soreness and fatigue, as well as electrolytes, it covers all bases for good tasty hydration during a workout.

P.S. I’d just like to add here just how difficult it is to photograph water. There’s no nice way to show it! Here’s me trying to style sparkling water, pink coconut water, detox water, lemon detox water… The maple water was pretty difficult too!


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