Spring Skincare Favourites

Spring is finally upon us! Has your skincare routine evolved to match the elements?

I do wish the weather was warmer than it is, as some days do feel like they’re stuck in a wintry slumber still… But April has brought with it a shy sprinkling of sun and of course April showers, so it’s time to evaluate your skin and its needs.

I recently took to commuting to work by foot (I moved to central London in February and am loving it) so skincare has become ever more important to me. Walking through the elements combined with air pollution for over an hour per day has meant my skin has progressively dried out and needs even more moisture than before. As the beautician at Spa London Kensington told me, my skin is strained and needs nourishment both inside and out. That means a lot of water, a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a lot of deep moisturising products.

However, I’m not a fan of tacky creams, taught serums, or quick-drying oils, all of which start to reappear around this time of year. Lighter skincare can be just as nourishing as deep moisturising winter creams!

And this is even more apparent with green skincare. I recently stepped up my skincare routine by adding in an extra step – facial serum. You can read my full post on Skincere’s Facial Serum here, or take my word for it when I say it’s essentially a skincare primer that leaves skin smooth, plump, and ready for moisturiser.

It’s the stepping stone to spring skincare that I needed. In alongside the serum, I swap between Rossi Uvema’s Rhodiola and Gingko Bilboa Face Cream* and Green People’s Beauty Boost Skin Restore*, both lighter alternatives than a moisturiser, but both with different benefits. On days where I feel like my skin is plump and soft, the Rossi face cream keeps it balanced throughout the day, whereas on days where my skin is drier and rough (basically the days where it’s calling out for a face mask but I don’t have time to apply one) the Skin Restore remedies its condition.

I’ve also been loving Melvita’s Rose Face Care Oil* from their range of facial oils to sustain a dewy glow under my foundation. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you’ll know I’m a massive fan of facial oils and alongside mascara wouldn’t sacrifice it for any other skincare or beauty product. An organic facial oil of any kind will do you well, but I would recommend choosing something that fits with your skin type – oily skin does well with oils high in linoleic acid, whereas dry skins are better with those high in oleic acid. The two things I would like to see improved in this oil is that the sunflower seed oil is organic (and thus not bleached, modified, or containing any pesticides) and that the rose scent is toned down slightly – I’m not one for overly sweet scents in general.

Finally, good housekeeping dictates you keep up a healthy routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturising, as well as keeping up a good fitness routine to clear pores and wearing sunscreen where appropriate (which is all the time, although that’s something I need to work on…).


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