Skincere: Facial Serum

I’m going to be frank – I think I’ve been using facial serum wrong. How awful! A green beauty blogger that doesn’t know how to apply beauty products properly.

Or at least, I’ve found a much better way to use skincare. I’ve levelled up! I recently took the time to read Sali Hughes’ book, Pretty Honest: The Straight Talking Beauty Companion, and found that skincare should be applied in the following order:

Toner (although not always necessary)
Facial serum

Facial serum before moisturiser? Who knew! Since my first cheap bottles of cleanser, toner, and moisturiser (I remember just how much that so-called “toner” stang too), I’d never really dabbled with any other skincare, not until I turned 20. And by that point, remedial face masks seemed really, really appealing – my skin had changed a lot since reaching adulthood, and by that point I had developed dry, strained skin that needed a lot of love. Now, I’ll really pamper my face to make sure it never reaches that sore stage it had got to.

And on that, I gave Skincere’s Facial Serum* a go. It differs a lot from the facial oils I have been regularly using, and in fact, its performance gives way to my usual application method, despite some of the oils also being called facial serums:

Facial serum
Facial oil

Whew! It sounds like a lot, but my thirsty thirsty skin needs it, even while I drink a boat-load more water to help out on the inside. So, why’s this facial serum so great?

In all honesty, it’s the feel that really keeps me hooked. This serum glides on, dries quickly, and makes the skin taught and soft like no other natural beauty product I own. It’s as close as I have got to a natural primer (anyone found one yet?) and it permits me to apply a good moisturiser and facial oil base before foundation (or no makeup at all).

In fact, it’s rare to find an entire skin care range that really performs on an equal footing – especially with my sensitive skin. However, with natural beauty getting better and better these days, I’m happy to say that Skincere performs well across all its products (day cream, night cream, eye serum, cream cleanser, and of course, facial serum).

The pleasure with Skincere is that it ticks a lot of boxes too. While it’s not certified organic, it is preservative free, alcohol free, wheat free, soya free, dairy free, and free of synthetic fragrance too. I am a bit dubious about the claimed anti-ageing properties on its website, and I’m also very much a believer in standalone beauty products so would prefer a moisturiser to a day and night cream combo, but other than that, top marks!

My best advice for facial serum is to apply it as lightly as you can, in broad sweeps without massaging into the skin. This will stop it from breaking up and going bitty, which both the facial and eye serums do if played with too much. Other than that, it’s a real delight to use!


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