My Favourite Healthy Living Books

Reading has always been a pleasure of mine, and even though I read less now than I probably ever have (it’s something I’m working on, but there really isn’t enough time most days), I do enjoy the odd sit down with a healthy living book. It’s a combination of two of my passions, and I get to learn something from every book I read too! Here’s a round up of my favourite healthy living books of 2016 so far:

The Healthy Life

This is my most recent find, and so far I am loving it! Unlike a lot of cookbooks, The Healthy Life* takes you on a journey that Jessica herself has traveled, and you learn to trust in her wisdom as you fill out pages about your mind, body, and diet. It shows you almost immediately how to improve on your current outlook on food (and as a mindful eater, this is something I love – an easy, fun way to get involved with healthy eating is always alright in my book!), plus the holistic approach to food, skin, hair, and positivity is something I’m a real fan of. Well done Jess!

The Social Kitchen

Right on the other end of the scale, The Social Kitchen* is actually more of a naughty pleasure book than healthy living. Rooted in the wonderful Tucker family kitchen, the food in here is hearty and great for anyone looking to get into local food over healthy food, with recipes ranging from nutty butternut salad to baked cheesecake. Even more heartwarming is the aim behind the book – Shally Tucker’s daughter, Dani put the book together after her mum passed away after suffering heavily with auto-immune skin diseases. Dani’s goal is to raise £50,000 for Dermatrust through the sale of this book.

Deliciously Ella Every Day

Healthy living powerhouse Ella Woodward is back with another beautiful cookbook, inspired by her plant-based blog. As a massive fan of Deliciously Ella’s first book, I was gifted this one by my boyfriend’s mum (thank you Sue!) to keep my plant-based cooking alive. I’m going to say something quite controversial here: I think Deliciously Ella Every Day is better than her first. And almost to the point where I would recommend trying this one first – I much prefer the way it has been laid out, from breakfasts to salads to big batch cooking. And as always, Ella’s preface is personal and lovely as always, urging fans to eat what makes them feel good rather than try to change their entire lifestyle to match hers.

Healing Spices & Healing Berries

My final picks are sisters: Healing Spices* and Healing Berries* both come from author Kirsten Harvig, an acclaimed nutritionist, medical herbalist and naturopath. What these books lack in pictures, they certainly make up for in education: I don’t think I’ve ever questioned where my turmeric comes from or what rose hip is good for. And now I know! On top of the knowledge, there are very helpful recipes in the back of both to help you try out new spices and berries and see their effects for yourself.


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