Ethos Restaurant London

Ethos is the place of Instagram dreams. I’ll be honest, it’s probably also the closest I’ve come to a place that resembles my (secret) interior design Pinterest board… I would love to create a living space similar to its style, although perhaps not as cluttered (or with as many guests!)

I’ve saved this post for a while, as I wanted to reserve the time to really explain just how much I enjoyed visiting Ethos. For my my birthday last month, I spent my lunch-break at work looking up vegetarian restaurants in London, and came across Ethos. Hey, I may be a Londoner now but the city is pretty big and I haven’t had all that much time to explore! On a whim, I decided it was the perfect place for my boyfriend and I to visit to share my birthday meal.

What I truly loved about going is the way the place operates. All of its food is vegetarian or vegan, and very clearly labelled – my first love. I still don’t understand how in this day and age, food in certain restaurants isn’t labelled, or takes a member of staff 10+ minutes to check the recipe for me. Ethos took away all that stress.

Secondly, its very polite staff were happy to show us exactly how to pick our food. I hesitate to call the food a buffet if I’m honest (does anyone imagine see 90’s potato salad and plastic plates when they hear the word?) but this is probably the best example of a vegetarian buffet that I’ve ever visited. The food is split between hot and cold stands, with plates being weighed at the end of your time self-serving to tell you how much you need to pay.

As you’ll see from my plate, I went for a lot of different foods! Anything that seemed a little more outlandish than what I already cook had to feature, although looking back I should have really hit the cold counter more, as I missed out on a few lovely looking salads. From memory, the best bits were the chickpea curry, courgette frittata, and sweet potato chips… but I wouldn’t say no to eating any of it again. Everything was just delicious.

For those of you wondering, my eyes were actually pretty spot on with my belly, going for a plate that cost around £15. My boyfriend made the mistake of stocking up on potatoes dauphinoise and paid £20+ along with a stomach ache afterwards… Poor boy!

Overall, Ethos feels like it was my first real taste of the vegetarian London scene – accommodating, stylish, and fun too. It’s my go-to recommendation for when I’ve been asked where to eat (vegetarian or not, although I’m yet to gain a real thorough view of eating out in London yet) and I know I’ll be back there soon enough too.


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