Introducing: Avril Organic Makeup

Avril Organic Makeup eye liner, blusher, and foundation

Organic makeup doesn’t have to be expensive – meet Avril, an organic makeup range from France. (You may also see Avril being referred to as Avril Bio, with bio meaning organic in French).

About Avril Makeup

Meet Avril – a French organic makeup brand with the tiniest price tags I’ve ever seen! My three products pictured – Avril’s eyeliner, blusher, and foundation – cost just over £20, meaning they make for a great first set of makeup, or a cheap and cheerful makeup bag re-stock.

I mention Avril’s price tag to start, as the majority of the makeup products that I wear or try out come with a slightly higher than average price tag – and while I really do believe in investment pieces and paying more for better quality, ethical products, sometimes cheap makeup is just needed.

Trying out the Avril Makeup range

Avril Organic Makeup eye liner, blusher, and foundation

Eyeliner: 7/10

Out of the three items I’ve tried from Avril Makeup, my favourite item is the Le Crayon Sourcils (or Eyebrow Pencil), which comes in at less than £3.

At first, it took me a while to really warm to it, as I was previously using a soft, thick, warm brown pencil. When I switched, I was so scared of the harsh edge and deeper ashy brown colour – it made my brows look far too made up, with too sharp edges.

However, now that I’ve blended the pencil lead down slightly, I’ve begun to love it. Why is it that the majority of eyebrow pencils are so warm coloured? This pencil has definitely shown me the error in my ways, as it fits perfectly with my naturally darker brows, and hides sparse areas well too.

Blusher: 6:10

As for the blusher, aka Le Blush, I’ve found it gives a light, sweet colour that I occasionally enjoy on an evening out. I chose this in the shade Terre Cuite (Terracotta), which works well with my light brown skin-tone, giving a healthy glow, even under harsh lighting.

The powder is light, and can be built up with a blusher brush if you prefer a slightly warmer look. For me though, I only need a light swipe on each cheek.

Foundation: 5/10

And for the foundation: if I’m honest, it doesn’t quite give me what I need, but that’s because I like a lot of coverage. Even with my fitness routine and healthy eating, I still have light red blemishes across my cheeks, so my skin needs a good balancing out.

Le Fond de Teint (Foundation) in Miel (Honey) sits squarely between foundation and tinted moisturiser, applying a light veil across my skin. It doesn’t conceal uneven skin tones, blemishes, or spots, but it does add a nice tone perfect for a lesser made-up occasion like going to work.

(However, after hiding inside for the wintry months, I would probably go for a shade lighter next time too!)


All in all, these are a great option for anyone looking to move into green beauty products, as the organic certification by European body Ecocert actually makes them a shade greener in my eyes than high-street alternatives such as The Body Shop. If you’re looking to buy Avril Organic Makeup in the UK, try places like Avril’s online shop, or Eco Natural Products, who kindly gifted me these three products to try.


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