Vegan Protein Shake

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found protein shakes to be quite aggressive. Sold in bold typefaces and bright colours, there’s barely any recognition for those that aren’t going hardcore in the gym.

On top of that, the majority of protein shakes are based around whey, a by-product of cow’s milk. As someone who doesn’t actively eat milk-based products (although I won’t turn my nose up to it when I’m eating out) I have found it quite restricting in the past. Despite turning to organic whey protein in the past, I’ve now got a new alternative – USN’s vegan protein*. Containing 18/22 amino acids that make up a complete protein, and all eight of the essential ones, it’s a perfect alternative whether you’re vegan or not. It’s also

So, why drink protein shakes? I’ve learnt over time that while my diet does sustain the protein I need through beans, seeds, and pulses in general, protein is a great after working out, bolstering my intake and becoming a tasty reward that I look forward to when the going gets tough – it makes me go the extra mile!

The best thing about this exact protein is that it blends really well into plant-based smoothies. I chose the vanilla flavour to try out a few different recipes, and ended up liking it most in a really quick antioxidant filled berry smoothie using Neal’s Yard Organic Berry Complex or at times spoonful of Hybrid Herb’s Pitaya Extract* with frozen berries. However, if you’re looking for a traditional “spoonful and shake” protein shake, go for chocolate, as vanilla does have a funny twang to it when taken alone. Next time, I may just go for that and try it with bananas and peanut butter – yum!

If you’d like to try this vegan protein – or any USN product in fact – you can get 40% off their range (excluding already discounted products) by entering the code CC40 at the checkout.

3 spoonfuls of USN Raw-Pro Vegetarian Protein
300ml water or plant-based milk
1 tbsp fruit powder
Sprinkle of chia seeds

  1. In a shaker bottle or glass, pour in your liquid
  2. Next add your protein and fruit powders
  3. Now mix – shake up in a shaker or whisk
  4. Top with some chia seeds for an extra protein kick and added texture


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