Green People: Quinoa Skincare

I’ve started to think a little more consciously when it comes to green beauty. Not only is it prevalent now that I go for cruelty-free and natural brands, but my skin really does deserve a little more care, especially as I’m constantly trialling new products. It’s the reason why Green People’s quinoa skincare range* has been more than a little intriguing since I first saw it hit their boutique.

I’ve always held Green People to be one of the shepherds of natural beauty, because of their no-nonsense approach and constant striving for organic ingredients over simply using and abusing the natural name-tag. Not only are they certified in that field, but they also have vegetarian and vegan certifications on their products too.

My absolute (and only) rule when it comes to buying natural beauty products is to know and understand the ingredients in each and every item I put on my skin. It does take a little research, but using my quick and dirty 25 ingredients to avoid list, along with occasional deeper research through EWG’s Skin Deep site, has definitely helped. That, and now understanding the core influences on my skin (sugar, heat, hormones) along with its favourite ingredients (oils high in linoleic acid, for example), means I’ve become a little pickier about what I use, and more often than not I’ve found the products I choose are effective and good for my skin.

This brings us to these beautifully simple bottles from Green People. Who knew the quinoa revolution would stretch to skincare! In the shower gel*, the superfood is accompanied by plant-based ingredients from coconuts, aloe vera, and citrus-smelling botanicals, making it suitable for sensitive skin-types, and also a simple pleasure to use.

However, my favourite item from the range has to be their Quinoa Prebiotic Deodorant*. As I’ve said in previous posts, genuinely natural deodorants that work are hard to find! I’ve gone from gloopy ineffective roll-ons to salt crystals and back, but if you’re looking for an elegant solution with no sacrifice from your regular roll-on, this is the one. Yes, it’s pricey compared to Sure Crystal or whatever you used to use, but it doesn’t block your pores, contains no aluminium, an ingredient recently listed as a likely to cause cancer, and fights bad bacteria by feeding your body’s natural good bacteria through prebiotics. Much like your gut, your skin too has a sustainable friendly army living on it to protect you, and it deserves all the help it can get – especially if it keeps you smelling like roses! I’ve used mine for a few weeks now and would say it’s actually more effective than my usual salt crystal deodorant that I go back to between testing other deos, so I’m going to swap in this one from now on – and if that’s not a stamp of approval, I don’t know what is!


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