5 Ways to Sleep Better Naturally

When it comes to getting shut-eye, I am luckily quite the sleeper. I could honestly sleep as a sport – I fall asleep very quickly, and stay asleep for hours and hours without an alarm. However, I know this isn’t the case for everyone – my boyfriend is a prime example of this.

Fortunately, there are a number of natural ways to help yourself drift off easier, and get into a better sleep routine in general. If you didn’t know already, adults need around eight hours per night, and hours before midnight generally are more beneficial too. Here’s a few tips for the next time you find it hard to fall asleep – as well as to improve your sleeping habit in general.

1. Set the stage

I find I sleep very differently when I have given myself an extra half-hour to prepare for bed. Taking the time to wipe off my makeup, get into soft, fresh pyjamas, and scent my pillows and duvet with my favourite lavender pillow perfume (pictured above) feels like a real treat, and a ritual I would like to get into a habit of.

2. Get comfortable

Just like your pyjamas, your bed should be deliciously comfy – and can be sustainable too! I’m planning on upgrading to organic cotton sheets soon, but until then I’m really enjoying my recycled oblong pillows made from offcuts, and handmade alphabet wool pillow from The Knutty Knitter.

3. Goodbye screens

By keeping your phone close and your ticking alarm-clock closer, you’re setting yourself up for a fail. I put my clock and watch in a drawer before sleeping, and leave my phone on the side – if not further away than that. It might be a psychological thing, but I find I sleep much better when my phone is far away from my bed.

4. White noise

Of all the things that keep my insomniac boyfriend up, it’s his tinnitus. However, whether you’re a sufferer or not, minimising sounds (other than a repetitive tick-tock from your clock) can help you drift off more peacefully. Try playing white noise to mask other distractions, or give earplugs a go to take the base out of anything that goes bump in the night.


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