Another year has come and gone – and what a difference it makes! 22 was very much a good year, with a lot of notable moments. I have to say, in a lot of ways I am more happy that I passed my driving test (so nerve-wracking, and I haven’t even been in a car since!) than I am to have graduated… It’s not that I don’t value my degree, but I knew I was gunning for it for a few good years.

On top of that, I landed a graduate job, moved from Birmingham to the outskirts of London, only to up and move to another, better job in the heart of the city. And boy, I am loving it! While 22 was a gallery of beautiful things, this year was a day full of beautiful moments. It may have been a cold and cloudy day, but I had real good fun. Here’s a quick snapshot…

My birthday fell on a weekday, and while I would take the time off, I genuinely enjoy my new role and the people I work with so stuck to the regular schedule. Up early, I headed out with The Kinks’ This Time Tomorrow in my earphones and grabbed a bircher museli, smoothie, and a few treats to share with the office.

Working in a design studio in Waterloo, it was a quick walk to Lowermarsh for lunch. Even the mural was celebrating my day! I stopped in organic supermarket Greensmiths for a veggie quiche and salad, which I topped with hummus and olives back at work.

When I got in, my boyfriend arrived with a bouquet of roses and irises (I love exotic flowers the most) and took me out to Ethos, a vegetarian restaurant just off Oxford Street. Dimly lit and running on a pay-by-weight basis, it was a fun night out guessing the weight of our buffet choices and tucking in to some really delicious foods! I’ll blog about the place in full in the next few days too…

At the end of the night, we topped it all off with a quick happy birthday sing-song around the plum frangipane I had also picked up at lunchtime. Sweetness all round!


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