Zero Waste Home

The zero waste lifestyle is a seriously intriguing concept, and one that I’m slowly adopting. I’ve been a big fan of Bea Johnson for a long time, so with the release of her paperback book comes a little review and giveaway!

Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life is one of those books that will get you itching to get up and make changes in your life, almost instantly. In a world of high consumption and low consciousness, it makes a change to hear about someone who is mindful of literally everything that she gets ahold of; whether it’s food, clothes, and especially waste.

There are a number of similarities that I like to think tie myself and Bea Johnson’s journeys together – both inspired by traditional French living (her French, me a French student), we both hold dear simplicities such as local fresh produce and a good picnic in the countryside. What makes Bea amazing is the fact that she essentially woke up one day and realised how contrived her and her family’s lifestyle had become. A big consumer of unnecessary products and with more than a few full rubbish bins a week, she realised something had to change. Now, her family make around one jarful of waste per year.

While it might seem (and be) impossible to reduce your waste to that extent, the beauty of Zero Waste Home is that it tackles pretty much every aspect of your life and offers less wasteful alternatives, which not only will save you money but often time and health as well. From brushing your teeth with bicarbonate of soda to keeping a homemade handkerchief near, Bea goes over all the steps she’s taken on her quest to help the earth and also improve the quality of living for herself and her family. She even gives you recipes for DIY natural beauty products, advises as to which compost bin is best for you, and explains why getting rid of her television has brought her family a lot closer.


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