Sinne Firenze: Organic Perfume

Green perfumes are notoriously hard to find, so it’s with excitement that I’m reviewing the first organic perfume range I have ever come across…

The next thing in line with my love for skincare products is my love for smellies – I love anything that smells good! Be it a fresh yoga mat cleanser, my lavender pillow spray, or even the smell of coriander when being torn up to go in a salad, I love poking my nose into delicious scents.

So it’s no surprise that I’ve always loved a good bottle of perfume or three, but up until this year they’ve all been synthetic affairs. I don’t tend to stick with a certain type of scent either, so when Sinne Firenze invited me to try their range of organic essential oil blends*, I was super excited!

In their range is four blends: Refresh Me, Balance Me, Delight Me, and Calm Me. I really like the concept that each scent is associated with a feeling, whether its something that is internally triggered or matched depending on how you feel that day.

Of the four, Delight Me is my favourite because it has a sweet zing from the ylang ylang and citrus ingredients. Calm Me comes in a close second, as it soothes through its patchouli scent when I apply to the pulse points on my wrists. However, with all of the range, they’re lovely to apply and inhale, but dissipate pretty quickly.

Personally, I think it’s due to the purity of the product – how could a mix of fair trade and organic essential oils not be completely absorbed by my skin over an hour or so, just like my facial oil? And perhaps it’s for that reason that pure perfumes are hard to find!

Either way, I think these perfumes are great due to their purity, the vegan ethos of Sinne Firenze themselves, and even if they are wholly absorbed by my skin more quickly than synthetic perfumes, I can simply pop my chosen roll-on in my bag and apply throughout the day!


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