Plant-based Bean Pasta

I’m going to be honest – this spaghetti is not the prettiest of sights when cooked. However, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it, along with my favourite recipe to have with it too…

I was really intrigued when I first came across Explore Asian’s range of organic bean pasta*. Not only is it organic, it’s made from 100% beans (the varieties I tried were soy bean and black bean), making it plant-based, gluten-free, and pretty darn incredible!

On top of that, the pasta provides nutrients far better than regular wheat spaghetti, as it is extremely high in fibre and protein per portion. One serving will give you over 50% of your recommended daily allowance of protein (find out exactly how much protein you need in your diet here) and 48% of your fibre. While my boyfriend focuses more on plant-based protein (he’s also vegetarian), the fibre aspect really hooked me as I’m so heavily focused on digestion and how it so deeply affects general wellbeing. A high-fibre plant-based diet is definitely my calling at the moment.

When I say the pasta doesn’t look great cooked, I’m likening it to the thicker varieties of wholewheat pasta or spiralised courgettes that I so love. This pasta is actually more like vermicelli in thickness, and tends to ball up once cooked but the texture and taste remain pretty close to regular pasta. It’s a wonder why no-one came up with it earlier!

As for my favourite recipe, it’s got to be a variation of my plant-based spaghetti bolognese recipe, with a little soy mince added in (I’m not too wary of soy, but I do understand why others are) and a few extra additions such as orergano and chopped celery if I have any in the house. I’ve always been a bolognese fiend and with that recipe I know I always will be!


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