Yenna Label: Organic Fashion

Here’s my latest fashion find! I’m excited to unveil my Yenna Label organic cotton t-shirt, made with eco-friendly inks and eco-friendly packaging too!

From being a fan and avid supporter of ethical fashion for a good while, you start to learn which brands are doing it for the market, and which are doing it for the love of the planet. Yenna Label are one such passionate group, who have dedicated themselves to producing artful and sustainable pieces of affordable fashion.

As you can see, I’m enjoying my new Surf Your Life tee* despite all this cold and wet weather (although my hair did not fair as well…) Pairing it with an old denim shirt, I love the laid-back look and the photograph from Fistral Beach in Newquay throws me back to being 18 and going to my first festival there! Hey, perhaps the messy hair was actually a tribute to all those surfers…

The main thing I love about Yenna Label is that while they’re a young, independent business operating in the UK, all of their t-shirts and sweatshirts are made from 100% organic cotton, hand-painted with eco-friendly inks, and sent out in bio-degradable mailing bags, using recycled card where necessary. This practice of sustainability throughout for such a small operation while still offering their collection at high-street prices shows than being green genuinely doesn’t cost the earth, both as a sustainable start-up, or as a conscious consumer.


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