Perkier Quinoa Bars

Let’s be honest – sometimes we don’t have enough time for breakfast in the morning. While I am all about mindful eating in the fact that I look forward to food, plan it, prep it, and give it all my attention, my new commute has made things difficult… Luckily, Perkier has helped out.

I’ve started a new job and while three days might be a little quick to judge, let’s just say… I love it! I love the hustle and bustle of London, I love whizzing along in the tube, and more importantly I love the people I work with and the work I’m doing. So I suppose it’s a little odd that I’m still so happy considering my eating routine has fallen out of place. I’ve got my lunches sorted, filling the fridge with salad bits to make every lunch time, and I cook batches of food on the weekend to keep me sorted for dinner but breakfast… breakfast is my weak point.

Getting up earlier has basically confused the hell out of my stomach. Do you ever get that nauseous morning feeling when you have to wake up early? My muscles are tired, and my stomach wants to continue to fast for a little longer, meaning I don’t crave food until I’m on the train to work. Luckily, I’ve had these Perkier quinoa bars* on hand and they have kept me good company.

Made from organic quinoa, oats, sprouted grains, nuts, and berries, they definitely fill a hole. I’ve got to admit that the oat bar is my favourite, followed by the cacao and cashew quinoa bar, but I think that’s my sleep-disoriented brain picking out my guilty pleasures. I love quinoa for lunch and dinner, so it’s actually nice to have it for breakfast too! The one thing I suppose I didn’t like was the strong pumpkin seed taste in the seedier bar (cashew, chia, and pumpkin quinoa bar). Pumpkin seeds are okay, but just not a nice flavour mixed in with awesome seeds and grains!

I’m hoping to get my breakfast routine nailed soon (give it a few more days of going to sleep earlier and waking earlier and I’m sure I will) but for now, these make a great alternative and a healthy bar to snack on any time of the day really!


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