Organic Micellar and Floral Water

I’m a total skincare junky, but it’s actually been a long time since I added make up remover and toner into my routine. Here’s why I’m hooked to these natural micellar and floral waters…

For some strange reason, I’ve been living in the dark ages for quite a while when it comes to pampering my pores. I’ve been a big fan of natural creamy cleansers for ages but just not the process; sprinkling warm water onto my socks and having it run down into my pyjama sleeves as I scrub each night is actually one of my pet hates. Now though, instead of being careful, I just crack out my * and *.

Here’s why it’s such a joy to use these two organic waters: they smell beautiful, and really do the job. I take a warm soft face cloth and apply my micellar water to it to start with, swiping away the day’s makeup and grime, leaving my face clean but not overly scrubbed. You’ll note that I use a face cloth rather than cotton wool to do this, as it’s a much more sustainable option. Then I spritz my face with the floral water, which smells really divine. It helps close my pores quickly while keeping my face dewy before bed.

And what’s even nicer about these two is the fact that there is no sacrifice whatsoever. With a lot of natural beauty alternatives, there’s some kind of downside that keeps it from competing with synthetic alternatives, or there’s at least one ingredient I avoid sneakily hidden in its formula. Melvita actually lives up to the price tag and delivers pure products that are also certified organic. I think I’m in love!

Another few items I have been enjoying from their range is the famous  face oil* (‘organic gold’ in French) which smells sweetly floral like no other organic face oil I have ever tried, and their * which works great on dry patches and lips alike. As always, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging as much as I am for the products they hold, so I love having these on display in my bathroom and makeup counter, although I do think the balm needs to be more shallow so I stop dragging my nail through it!

If you are vegan, obviously the lip balm isn’t going to be on your wishlist but I’d definitely recommend the skincare waters. Plus, the company does not test on animals and works with French charity One Voice to fight against animal abuse.


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