Earth Kiss: Natural Face Masks

I know the word natural comes with a lot of caveats, but these face masks truly are natural – and they work great on greasy and dry skin alike!

You must know by now that I’m a face mask junkie. If I could get the time (and a regular schedule!) I would do one every week, like I did in university, sat in the bath while my face slowly dries and is then revealed all fresh and soft again.

Having tried so many different types, it’s testament to Earth Kiss Face Masks* that they actually stand up to my favourite few. I know that it’s down to their clay base that they work well on my skin, and being all-natural means the light scents and different textures don’t cause me to worry like I would with synthetic ingredients.

I’m pretty sure I’ve gone over it before, but to clarify, natural applies to these masks over organic because they would need over 75% organic plant matter to gain this certification. Earth Kiss is made with a number of different clays, such as kaolin, bentonite, glacial mud, dead sea mud, and more, which means it doesn’t reach this threshold. However, from looking through the ingredients list, I can vouch that its ingredients are pure, although some of the masks do feature a preservative derived from milk, meaning it’s not vegan.

On the flip-side, Earth Kiss are pretty animal-friendly, being certified cruelty-free by The Leaping Bunny and PETA, as well as suitable for vegetarians.

The packaging is also recyclable, although I think it would be nice to see these masks available in larger sizes, for multiple applications and to save on waste. That is of course based on the assumption that the clay doesn’t dry out with a little air exposure – as all of the ones I’ve tried were one application only.

Of all the range, my favourite was definitely the Miracle Clay Facial Bamboo Sheet Mask* as it left my skin so soft, didn’t dry out too much, and was also my first sheet mask! I might have looked like Hannibal Lecter but I also had baby soft skin!


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