The Microbiome Solution

I’ve spent a long time thinking about what I put in my gut… but what about what lives there naturally? Robynne Chutkan’s book has opened my eyes to how important the “good” bacteria that work symbiotically with my body really are…

I’m starting to really enjoy my Book Club series. It might not be very frequent but the range of books I’m enjoying around healthy eating and sustainable living are helping me to not only keep on the right track but also deepen my understanding of what it really means to be healthy and mindful.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been commuting with my buddy The Microbiome Solution*, and I’ve come to find myself marvelling at the direct influence of my microbiome – all the micro-organisms living on and inside me – on my health. It’s actually quite astonishing how I’ve never considered the influence of all the life my own body sustains and is affected by, but then again, it’s the same for conventional medicine.

Looking back at my personal medical history, I really relate to the cases featured in this book. Being prescribed long doses of antibiotics for blips in my health to acne issues, I’m now finding the symptoms that still haven’t cleared up despite my generally healthy diet and regular exercise. These include rosacea, acne, and UTIs, all of which can be easily triggered by bad bacteria, as the book explained.

Not only does The Microbiome Solution go through this, it shows how to cure it – with tips spanning from diet changes to natural DIY beauty creations, with recipes to boot. I love this approach, as it makes it so accessible to change up your current state and promote growth of a healthy microbiome at a rate of your choosing. Whether you simply want to add more plant-based fibre for digestive issues, go the whole way by trying a vegan or paleo diet, or upping your intake of fermented foods, it’s all in there, and explains how to rewild yourself too. This is essentially introducing exposure to bacteria in its natural habitat, learning to be a little less hygienic and a little more accepting of the elements to permit your body to grow its own natural defences.

All in all, The Microbiome Solution has cemented my belief in a wholefood diet, as well as made me more aware of my own conditions and how I could help look after the organisms working with my body to protect and heal me, inside out.


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