Angela Langford: Bloom + Glow Facial Oil

As you probably know, I love me a good facial oil! My skin drinks the stuff, and since diving into the green beauty domain I’ve come across a few that are perfect for my sensitive skin…

I suppose it comes with the territory, but plant-based facial oils never seem to have a bad reaction with my skin. However, as a conscious consumer, I do prefer those that are also chiefly organic to minimise any nasties getting onto my skin and into my bloodstream, so I really appreciate the transparence of my Angela Langford Bloom & Glow Facial Oil*. Containing 88% organic ingredients (and 100% natural ingredients), it’s been proving to give my usual facial oil a good run for its money in the purity department!

On top of this, it’s been keeping my skin soft and glowy whether it’s applied on its own (after a good cleanse, tone, and moisturise of course) or under foundation. My skin is starting to behave itself now, now sticking to a regular routine each month, but especially in the winter I need more hydration and something that is sustained throughout the day – I hate finding flaky skin by the afternoon! This facial oil however has been great at ticking all these boxes alongside my other winter skin favourites.

The differentiator for the Bloom & Glow facial oil is that it has a spectrum of natural ingredients that I haven’t come across is any other facial oil, bolstering omega 3 through chia seeds and rosehip, with rose geranium to balance hormones and sea buckthorn for added superfood goodness! It also has a pleasant floral scent that rests delicately above a more earthy one, which is the norm for most other natural facial oils I’ve tried.

If you are looking to try facial oils, I would definitely recommend looking through the Angela Langford range, as they cater to different skin types as well as skin ages, with all natural ingredients found in the kitchen, inspired by Angela’s stint on Master Chef!


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